Group Tours

The group tour is a 90 minute program with all the hands-on components.  Butter making, hand milking, and cow and calf feeding.  Bonus visit with our various small critters as well!  Chocolate milk samples and take home activity books for the children.

Hungry afterwards?  Treat yourselves to gourmet ice cream after the program!Img0048


If you have a group visitors of 15 people or more you can choose your date and time.  Smaller groups please check out our family tours at 4:15, or pay the minimum fee of $135 with any group of under 15 and choose your date and time for a private tour.


  • $9 per person, 2 years and older
  • Group organizer free
  • $3 per ice cream cone (optional)
  • Group minimum of 15 people or $135
  • GST included
  • Deposit required (e-transfer or cheque)
Click here to request a tour.