Family Tours

All animals like to have fun!

All animals like to have fun!

Have a small group or just your family?  This Tour is for you.
Sorry, you will have to wait until we are settled in our NEW barn and open again!
These tours will give you a personalized connection to our daily afternoon chores.  You will learn about the history of dairy farming and how milking a cow has evolved!  Your tour will last about 75 minutes and you will get to Milk a Cow by Hand, make butter, feed the cows some hay, and feed a calf a bottle of milk.  We finish our tour with a sample of chocolate milk and activity books for the kids.



$10 per person. Under 2 years old are free.

$45 per family (parents & their own children)
Cash only please.

Please contact us to book your spot.

604 888 2403 or e-mail –

24 hours notice is preferred.